We Need You!

The SZCG are 100% volunteer-run.  For the gardens to continue being at their best all gardeners need to pitch in!

1. Come out to help for the main Garden Events


There are several events held at the garden each year.


Garden Season Kick off!  Early May each year

The first main event is the setup usually in the first week of May (weather permitting). At this event we need help with:

  • Replacing damaged corner posts.

  • Install strings between each plot.

  • Putting out the garden water hoses and connecting them to the water taps.


Grass Cutting - ongoing through the summer.

The next event would be general grass cutting. This takes about 10 to 12 people for about 2 to 3 hours. At this event we need your help with:

  • Running both push and ride-on lawnmowers.

  • Running handheld weed whippers.

  • Need people to move hoses out of the way for the lawnmowers.


Fall Clean Up

The last big event is the fall cleanup. At this event we need your help with:

  • Draining, coiling, and bringing the hoses to the sheds for winter storage.

  • General cleanup.


The specific dates for these events will be posted on this web site as well as communicated via email.

2.  Join our Garden Board

The Garden board is 100% volunteer - board members are gardeners just like you!  The garden board meets monthly to discuss any issues that have come up at the gardens and make decisions that affect both day-to-day operations and the long term health of the gardens.   Our goal is to make sure that the gardens are a great place for both current and future community members to enjoy.

There are many different board positions, as many different things need to be in place for the gardens to run well.

If you are interested in joining the board -get in touch

We're gardeners like you!

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