Summer Director Job Description June 15 to August 15

Last updated fall 2017

The Summer Director(s) are responsible for all aspects of on-site garden administration from June 15 to August 15. They may be assisted by other board members or by other garden volunteers, but they are still responsible for coordinating these activities and seeing they are carried out in a timely fashion.  The biggest job is to follow up with gardeners who do not keep the weeds out of their plots.  This requires making lots of phone calls or sending e-mails.

The duties of the Summer Director are as follows:
  1. Attend all Board meetings of the SZCG Board and provide updates during your time of duties. If unable to attend – provide a written report to be presented at the meeting.  After the meeting – review the meeting minutes so you are aware of what was discussed and the results of such discussions.

  2. At beginning of term – mid August - meet with spring directors to obtain information – i.e. a list of abandoned plots that will need to be tilled during the remainder of the season, so they are ready for the next year.

  3. Monitor and respond to questions from the Garden phone and e-mail once spring director is complete June 15. Refer to phone and mail chimp instructions.  Coordinate with other executive members as required.

  4. May require one last grass cutting, depending on weather to tidy up the gardens.  Arrange date and send out mail chimp notice to all gardeners.  Ensure there is gas for lawn mowers and batteries for whipper snippers are charged.

  5. Monitor the toilet and report to Loraas – 306-721-1000 when additional cleaning or supplies are required.

  6. Monitor the large garbage bin and report to Loraas when empting is required.

  7. Ensuring that hoses are not broken. Repair if you can. If not, work with one of the other directors to make repairs.

  8. Coordinate with Garden Patrol on any weedy/grassy or abandoned plots that need to be tilled during the season.

  9. Monitor the watering as required to ensure that the watering rules in the garden agreement are followed.  Ensure that gardener do not leave sprinklers on, waters theirs and surrounding gardens with sprinklers out of control, leaves hoses running, or do not coil up the hoses at the tap posts.

  10. Remove strings after gardens are all growing.  This can be a group function and can be advertized as a volunteer project.

  11. At end of term – mid August - meet with fall directors to pass on the list of abandoned plots that will need to be tilled during the remainder of the season, so they are ready for the next year.