Last updated fall 2017


The Registrar is responsible for all aspects of the administration of existing and new gardeners for the SZCG from January 1 of each year until all garden plots are assigned.  He/She may be assisted by other Executive members but he/she is still responsible for maintaining the database and funds for the upcoming season. 

Registrar Job Duties:
  1. Attend all Board meetings of the SZCG Board and provide updates on the registration process. If unable to attend – provide a written report to be presented at the meeting.  After the meeting – review the meeting minutes so you are aware of what was discussed and the results of such discussions.

  2. Meet with president, fall coordinators and garden patrol for a fall review of all garden plots.  This is to document which gardeners will lose their garden privileges, which will be assessed a clean up fee and which will be put on a weed check list (maintained within the garden spreadsheet) for the next season.

  3. Make sure all records from the previous year’s data base/Registrar have been transferred to the new year’s Registrar.  This includes gardeners who have lost garden privileges, have been accessed a clean up fee or will be on the weed watch list for the next season.

  4. Before the end of the previous year, help the Board prepare the Garden Use Agreement and Garden Schedule to be sent out by e-mail and snail mail to all the previous year’s gardeners on the updated data base list.

  5. Before end of each year create a new email list in Gmail for the new year and label it with the new year.  This will be used to reach returning gardeners.

  6. Work with President to pick 1 or 2 dates in January and February for cheque drop off at the South Leisure Center.  Book dates with South Leisure Center for boardroom or other room.

  7. By approximately January 5 of each year, e-mail the re-registration information package to all existing gardeners.  Snail mail the package to those who do not have email.

  8. Respond to all telephone and e-mail registration inquiries and update the data base.   Direct other inquiries to the appropriate Board Member.

  9. Ensure SZCG mailbox at Cathedral Post Office is renewed each November.

  10. Regularly check the SZCG mailbox at the Cathedral Post Office until all plots are assigned.

  11. Contact by telephone every owner for whom there is no e-mail address to confirm that they still have no email address, update that list as required. Contact the communications director so s/he can use that list to create a phone tree.

  12. Using the previous year’s Excel spread sheets,  rename for the coming year and continuously update all the information received by telephone, by e-mail, or by mail.  Keep a list of the new request on a first come first serve basis once a payment has been received.  This list will be used to assign plots after the end of February.  Only payments received after 1 Jan are to be accepted.

  13. Keep an accurate record on the Excel spread sheets of all payments received for garden rentals and deliver both cheques and documentation to SZRB treasurer.  Send the same info by e-mail to the SZCG treasurer for their records.

  14. Work with president to pick 2 dates in March/April for new gardener orientation at the South Leisure Center or Cathedral Recreation Center.  Book these dates with either facility. (Application on city of Regina website (use of facilities), phone rec centre and find out availability.  Fill out form, get keys)

  15. After February 28, the deadline for previous gardeners to pay for the registration of their previous year’s garden, assign vacant gardens as follows:

  16. First priority is to respond to the request from the previous year’s gardeners for a transfer

  17. Next priority is for allocating other vacant garden plots to new gardeners on the basis of first come first serve. 

  18. Notify every gardener receiving a new plot of their plot number.  This is done by e- mail.  For the few who do not have e-mail addresses, a written notice is sent by mail.

  19. Keep a waitlist, adding prospective gardeners to the waitlist as complete applications (payments/GUAs) are received.

  20. After all gardens have been assigned, all changes that take place during the growing season must be documented in the Registrar’s excel spreadsheet data base