Garden Patrol Job Description (May to October) 

Last updated fall 2017

The Garden Patrol is responsible for monitoring all garden plots for weeds and grass within the garden plots from May to October 5. He/She may be assisted by other board members or by other garden volunteers, but he/she is still responsible for monitoring, corresponding with gardeners and reporting to executive.  This is to ensure the garden plots remain weed and grass free. 

The duties of the Garden Patrol are as follows:


  1. Attend all SZCG monthly board meetings.  If unable to attend – provide a written report to be presented at the meeting.  After the meeting - review the meeting minutes so you are aware of what was discussed and the results of such discussions.

  2. Monitor the garden plots, documenting weedy, grassy, or abandoned garden plots as well as those planed outside the garden corner posts.

  3. Contact by email or phone, the gardeners for excessive weeds and grass.  Let them know they have seven days to clean up for first offence as per the Garden Use Agreement – 5.4. 

  4. If the gardener has not removed the weeds and/or grass from their plot within the seven days, a sign will be posted in their plot and another e-mail or phone call will be sent letting them know they have four days to clean up their plot or their gardening privileges will be revoked and they may not rent a SZCG plot in the future.

  5. When the garden plots have been cleaned up satisfactory per the “Garden Use Agreement”, an e-mail or phone call will be sent to acknowledge the cleanup

  6. By June 15 – if the garden plot has not been planted/abandoned – contact by email or phone to find out status.

  7. Contact the Registrar so they can document the abandoned plot number in their data base. If it is early in the season find out if there is anyone on the wait list that may want to use the plot.

  8. After the last day of the gardening season – October 5 or 6, meet with President, Fall Director and Registrar to do a walk through to determine if any notices need to be sent out for a final clean up:

  9. A final clean up includes:

  • Removal from annual plots - all vegetation, weeds, grass, boards and any other materials used during the growing season.

  • Perennial plots must be left in the same clean up condition as annual plots excepting perennial plants.  All boards, sticks or any other materials or apparatuses used during the growing season must be left in a neat order within the garden plot. All weeds and grass must be dug out and removed to the compost bins or K-14 – the compost pile.

  • Send out notices – coordinate responses and determine if any gardeners will need to be sent notices that they will not be allowed a plot in future years. 

  • Pass this information onto the Registrar so they can update the database for the next season.

  • If these items are not cleaned up – a clean up fee equal to their plot fee will be charged for the next season. Pass this information onto the Registrar and each gardener.