Fall Director(s)

Last updated Fall 2017


The Fall Director(s) are responsible for all aspects of on-site garden administration from August 15 to October 15. They may be assisted by other board members or by other garden volunteers, but they are still responsible for coordinating these activities and seeing they are carried out in a timely fashion.  


Fall Director Job Duties


  1. Attend all Board meetings of the SZCG Board and provide updates during your time of duties. If unable to attend – provide a written report to be presented at the meeting.  After the meeting – review the meeting minutes so you are aware of what was discussed and the results of such discussions.

  2. At beginning of term – mid October - meet with summer directors to obtain information – i.e. a list of abandoned plots that will need to be tilled during the remainder of the season, so they are ready for the next year.

  3. Monitor and respond to questions from the Garden phone and e-mail once summer director is complete Aug 15. Refer to phone and mail chimp instructions.  Coordinate with other executive members as required.

  4. Monitor the toilet and report to Loraas – 306-721-1000 - when additional cleaning, empting or supplies are required.

  5. Monitor the large garbage bin and report to Loraas when empting is required.

  6. Close garden gates if there is any rain.  Reopen once ground has dried up.

  7. May require one last grass cutting, depending on weather to tidy up the gardens.  Arrange date and send out mail chimp notice to all gardeners.  Ensure there is gas for lawn mowers and batteries for whipper snippers are charged.

  8. Ensure all strings are removed from gardens prior to fall rototilling.

  9. Coordinate with Garden Patrol on any weedy/grassy or abandoned plots that need to be tilled.

  10. Meet with President, Garden Patrol and Registrar to do a walk through on October 5 or 6, to determine if any notices need to be sent out for the final clean up. This includes removal of all vegetation, (weeds, grass and corn stocks as they damage the tiller used to do fall tilling), boards, tomato cages, vine supports etc. Document weedy plots that are not being cleaned up.  Coordinate with Garden Patrol on sending out notices – coordinate responses and determine if any gardeners will need to be sent notices that they will not be allowed a plot in future years.  Pass this information onto the Registrar so they can update the database for the next season.

  11. Mid-September – monitor the weather to avoid frost damage to water system. Turn off the water to the gardens (key in shed), as soon as there is a risk of serious frost (lower than -5C). The main valve is adjacent to the water meter.

  12. The beginning of the 4th week of September – the City of Regina will be removing the water meter.

  13. Open chain gates after water is shut off, for access to gardens for harvesting.

  14. Advise Wascana Centre Authority when water meter has been removed (4th week of September) so they can schedule water system purge.

  15. Coordinate a volunteer fall clean up to remove water hoses from gardens.  Unroll the hoses and lay out flat to drain as much water as possible. Roll up hoses and store in the wooden shed beside garbage bin.  Determine how many hoses need to be replaced for spring.  Check if any stores have fall sales on garden hoses.  

  16. The day after gardens close on October 5: Ensure all garden debris is removed from gardens for rototilling, tomato cages, boards, fencing, stakes etc.  Advise WCA not to rototill gardens O 1 to 19, P 1 to 21, Q 1 to 23 and R 1 to 23 as these are perennial plots.
    Compost material to be moved to designated areas or at least piled off the gardens.

  17. Coordinate with Wascana Center Authority when plots can be tilled.  

  18. Advise Lorass Disposal to pick up Garbage Bin when no longer required.  The portable toilet is to remain until WCA is finished

  19. Coordinate with equipment director that all equipment has been checked for winter storage - batteries removed and fluids topped up.

  20. Once the plots have been tilled - contact Loraas – 306-721-1000 and have them remove the toilet and refuse bin.