Last updated fall 2017


The South zone Community Gardens are a program under the South Zone Recreation Board (SZRB) so the gardens do not have their own bank account. All of the financial transactions are handled by the treasurer of the SZRB.  The Garden Treasurer works closely with that individual. In general, the role of the garden treasurer is to keep track of income and expenditure for the gardens so that the financial status of the gardens is known to the SZGG Board and the SZRB Board.


The financial records are on a cash basis (rather than an accrual basis) on a calendar year basis. Surpluses and deficits are carried forward from one year to the next.


Treasurer Job Duties


  1. Attend all Board meetings of the SZCG Board and provide updates during your time of duties. If unable to attend – provide a written report to be presented at the meeting.  After the meeting – review the meeting minutes so you are aware of what was discussed and the results of such discussions.

  2. The Garden Treasurer develops an annual budget in the first three months of the year. This is based on expenditures in the past year and estimates for any special expenditures in the current year. The budget is presented to the Board for modification or approval at the first meeting of the year. A copy is sent to the SZRB treasurer.

  3. During the year income from plot rentals received by the Registrar and other sources is recorded and forwarded to the SZRB treasurer.

  4. Expenses arrive via email or as receipts from purchases made by board members. The Garden Treasurer approves these for payment and sends an email to the SZRB treasurer who pays the invoice or reimburses the individuals. The paper receipts are filed for future reference. For large purchases, an advance can be arranged.

  5. The Garden Treasurer keeps track of income and expenditures using an accounting software program or other method. This compares the financial results with the budget and the previous year’s expenditure.

  6. The Garden Treasurer prepares statements for each Board meeting describing the financial transactions made since the last meeting and summarizing the financial position of the gardens.

  7. The Garden Treasurer prepares a summary statement of the financial situation of the gardens for the Annual General Meeting – usually held in November of each year.

  8. At the end of the year the Garden Treasurer works with the SZRB treasurer to ensure that the records of income and expenditure agree.