Presidents Job Description                                                    

last updated Fall 2017

The president is responsible for all aspects of administration for the South Zone Community Gardens, (SZCG).  He / she may be assisted by other board members or by other garden volunteers, but he/she is still responsible for the overall administration of the SZCG.  

The duties of the President are as follows:​

  1. Attend all monthly South Zone Recreation Board (SZRB) meetings or assign another executive member to attend in her/his place.  Provide garden updates to SZRB and deliver SZRB updated to the SZCG. Make SZRB meeting minutes available if requested.

  2. Attend the SZRB AGM in February of each year.  Provide a report on the major highlights of the previous garden year’s events.

  3. Act as the liaison between the SZRB, UofRegina and Wacana Center Authority for the lease of the garden property.  Next lease renewal - April 30, 2020.

  4. Act as the liaison between the SZCG and the Wascana Center Authority. Meet with WCA manager each January to review any issues and discuss process for improvements.

  5. Make yearly insurance payment prior to end of April of each year.   Arrange with SZRB treasurer Marilyn Reid for this payment.  Obtain new copy of paid insurance invoice and e-mail to UofR contact and Wascana Center Authority contact.  Keep a copy on line for reference.

  6. Develop and send out agendas a week in advance of all monthly meetings. Facilitate all monthly SZCG meetings – ensure someone can take and distribute meeting minutes if secretary is not available.

  7. Keeper of the access card for the South Leisure Center.

  8. Administer and keep track of the garden keys for the gates and sheds.

  9. Ensure secretary has sent in meeting room bookings to South Leisure Center Coordinator by May 1 for time period of July 1 – Aug 31; June 1 for time period of Sept 1 – Dec 31 and Oct 1 for time period of Jan 1 – June 30.

  10. Work with registrar on a list of all gardeners without e-mail.  This list is to be forwarded to the communications director, so they can set up a phone tree to all non-e-mail gardeners.  This ensures all gardeners receive correspondence sent out by e-mail.

  11. Work with spring coordinators on any underground or above ground tap leakage.

  12. Respond to any disgruntled gardener requests during the growing season.

  13. Work with summer coordinators to ensure grass cutting is scheduled on a regular basis.

  14. Work with fall coordinator and weed patrol on October 5 or 6 to do a complete garden walk through – develop a list of gardeners not returning, gardeners to pay a clean-up fee and gardeners to be on a weed watch list.  Make sure notices are sent out to each of these gardeners.  Make sure the changes are documented in the data base and that the registrar is aware of this information as soon as possible and before end of the year.

  15. Mid-August and twice in September – send out e-mails to all gardeners to remind them of the date for fall clean up (before October 5).  Encourage gardeners not to wait until the last weekend as the weather may not cooperate.

  16. Develop and send out the agenda for the late October – early November SZCG AGM.

  17. Help with each of the other executive positions and any issues that arise during the season.

  18. Help monitor and answer questions from both the Garden Phone Line and the e-mail account during the season.

  19. Ensure the work events are set up and organized – i.e.: Spring stacking, stringing, and water hose install and the fall close.

  20. In late November of each year make sure the documents (The Garden Use Agreement, the Garden Schedule all job descriptions and the President’s Letter) have been updated and are ready to send out in the New Year.

  21. Ensure registrar has these documents and will send them out by e-mail and snail mail before Jan 10 of each year.

  22. Coordinate with registrar – a cheque drop off date at the South Leisure Center in January of each year.  Make sure space is booked at South Leisure Center.

  23. Coordinate with registrar on one or two “New Gardener Orientation” sessions in late March and/or April.  Make sure space is booked at South Leisure Center or other facility.