Communication/Social Director Job Description
(Main duties April 15 to October 15)

Last updated fall 2017

The Communication/Social Director is responsible for all aspects of communication between the board and the members from April 15 to October 15. He/She may be assisted by other board members or by other garden volunteers, but he/she is still responsible for coordinating these activities and seeing they are carried out in a timely fashion. He/she is responsible for developing events thorough the season to engage the gardeners and improve the sense of community within the garden. 

The duties of the Communications/Social Director are as follows:

  1. Attend all Board meetings of the SZCG Board and provide updates during your time of duties. If unable to attend – provide a written report to be presented at the meeting.  After the meeting – review the meeting minutes so you are aware of what was discussed and the results of such discussions.

  2. Help to maintain the contact information in the main data base by coordinating with the Registrar until their position is complete each season and then by coordinating with the other board members during the remainder of the season.

  3. Send out any information from board meetings or for items such as spring set up, grass cutting and fall close.

  4. Develop events during the season to improve the sense of community within the garden – this may be information days, pot lucks, having speakers for various topics or any other idea that is approved by the board.