As a South Zone Community Gardener, I agree:


1. To restrict my planting and plant growth within the boundary of the assigned garden plot
as delineated by the garden stakes.


2. To assure that none of my plants spill over into a walkway.


3. To maintain my half of any garden path that separates my garden from my neighbour’s


4. To assure that all dirt clumps, garden tools, sticks, boards etc. are kept within my garden
boundaries. Grass and garden paths are not within garden boundaries


5. To take measures to keep grass from growing into my garden and to remove any grass that
has crept into the garden’s edge.


6. To be in attendance when my garden is being watered.


7. To assure my watering does not overlap a neighbour’s garden.


8. To keep my garden free of weeds including dandelions, thistles, and quack grass throughout
the entire season from April 15 to October 15.


9. To take home all garbage materials I bring into the gardens during the course of the year.


10. To neatly store all garden materials within the confines of my plot.


11. Dispose of all plants suspect of disease in my at home garbage.


12. To use only biological/physical controls and organic pesticides to control weeds and insects,

avoiding all synthetic pesticides including glyphosate


13. To read and follow the guidelines of the Perennial Garden Policy.


14. To carefully read all emails containing garden information forwarded from SZCGA


15. Attend to garden before June 10*

*If you do not tend to your garden before June 10, we will consider it abandoned and will re-
assign it.



      All South Zone Community Garden members have acknowledged and
      agreed to the following Guidelines & Policies when signing the 2021
      Registration Form.


SZCG Association is Committed to Healthy Horticultural Practises
Promoting Healthy Horticultural Practises


We commit to administer, organize and foster a community of gardeners working together to
develop healthy horticultural practices for a sustainable future.

SZCG association is committed to encouraging healthy horticultural practises amongst its
members. SZCG supports individual gardeners growing crops and horticultural techniques
which they prefer, provided those practices do not impact the ability of other gardeners,
present and future, to have healthy gardens.


Use of herbicides and insecticides, failure to control weeds and other inappropriate practices
not only endanger the health of neighbouring gardens and gardeners but also the viability of
that garden for future renters. SZCG policies, support to gardeners and enforcement of policies
is intended to ensure all gardeners have the opportunity to enjoy productive and healthy

  • In the interest of all gardeners SZCG association accepts the responsibility for checking all gardens on a regular basis to ensure SZCG policies, including control of weeds, are followed.

  • Should a garden be deemed in need of maintenance the registered owner will be contacted.  The gardener will be given a timeline in which to take full corrective action.


  • Failure to take full corrective action within the stated timeline can result in the gardener losing “Gardener in Good Standing” status and all associated privileges*.




Should there be extenuating circumstances that prevent the gardener from taking
timely corrective action the gardener should communicate such to SZCG immediately
upon receiving notice).

*Gardeners in Good Standing may: retain their previous year plot, request a move, and
designate who will take over their plot provided their registration form and fees are
submitted by Feb. 5, 2021.

REVISED POLICY - Regulations for Perennial or "No-Till" Plots

The South Zone Community Garden Association (SZCGA) decided to discontinue the practice of
contracting and paying for the tilling of garden plots effective 2021. Gardeners may till their rental
plots, at their own expense, if they so wish. All garden plots are now considered "no-till" plots, meaning
that the SZCGA will no longer arrange or pay for tilling. As all plots are now no-till, gardeners may plant
some perennials if they wish.
In order to manage the use and care of no-till plots, the Board has determined that the following
regulations will apply:


Trees are not permitted;

Perennial plants, such as (but not limited to) raspberries, strawberries, asparagus, rhubarb are

permitted on all plots; 


  • Bushes or shrubs are permitted, subject to the following provisions:

Bushes or shrubs must not exceed six feet in height;

Suckering bushes and shrubs must be set back from adjoining garden plots at least four


 Structures (such as greenhouses, storage sheds, raised beds, fences or compost bins) are

         permitted, subject to the following provisions:


  • Structures must be set back from all adjoining garden plots by a distance equal to or

    greater than the height of the structure, unless the adjoining plot is rented by the same
    person or a member of his/her immediate family;

  • Structures, including any braces or supports, must be entirely contained within the

    boundaries of the rented garden plot;

  • Fences between plots must not exceed four feet in height;

  • fences that permit light and air to pass through are not subject to the structure setback

  • Structures must be maintained in good condition;

  • Structures must be removed when the renter decides to discontinue renting the plot.

 All garden plots are subject to the weed/grass control provisions as set out in the agreed terms
in the registration form and the guidance, policies, and direction provided on the SZCGA


  • With respect to SZCG perennial plots which were established prior to January 1, 2017:

  • Occupants of record as of December 31, 2016 are not subject to this policy, except:

 This policy will apply to all new structures and plantings which occur on or after
June 19, 2017 (the date on which the previous perennial plot policy was
approved by the Board);


  • Provisions of this policy will take effect when the plots change hands.

Approved by the Board on November 30, 2020